Our Journey

A Song of Ascents. Of Solomon. Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain. Psalm 127:1

The Rebuilding Gatekeepers for Nations (RGK) is a global prayer network of Intercessors founded and under the direction of Pastor Clarisse Okenwa of Jesus Reigns Solution Chapel, Dallas Texas.

The rebuilding watching prayer warriors at the gates for nations!!!!

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The rebuilding watching prayer warriors at the gates for nations is a mission received by Pastor Clarisse Okenwa of Jesus reigns ministries international. In this season of kingdom  networking for heaven’s agenda.

The lord has opened our spiritual eyes to the critical time in the life of nations round the globe, the discerning of spirits in operation in nations, and his eagerness to come to the help of the cry of nations lamenting under the overrunning cup of satanic oppression and schemes. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood….

The lord has a divine pattern of nations he wants to establish and restore to the earth. The birthing of these nations will only be done through the birthing grace of prayer upon the daughter of Zion.

Deborah must meet with Jeal, Esther is needed in the king’s court room.

More than a vision, this is a mission: the awakening of the spirit of the daughter of Zion to her  birthing potential in prayers. Deep calling unto deep revolutionary spiritual walk and prayer life , the holy spirit leading!!!

The lord is calling forth the Deborahs, Jeals and Esthers of all nations and he is equipping them, anointing them and empowering them to birth god’s own pattern of nations.


Every nation has a wall and gates in the spirit. The lord is calling the daughters of Zion in all nations on the earth to stand at the gates of their nations to rebuild and to watch, making spiritual decrees to which he will add his signet. You are anointed for this daughter of Zion!!!

Arise daughters of Zion in Africa, America, Europe, Asia, Australia and to the uttermost part of the earth. Arise and stand at your gates!!!

Strategically, the lord has us identify the gates of every nation and prayerfully raise gatekeepers for each gate. Every woman a gate is our goal. We raise leaders of gates and get every woman to have a gate she daily watches at. We each give at least one hour to the lord everyday to watch at our gate.

Every Saturday of the year we have a 24 hrs prayer watch at the gates. Every woman chooses an hour of the day Saturday and spends that  hour watching at her gate. 24hrs we have a continuous watch at the gates on Saturday.

The lord in his infinite wisdom equally has us raise a team for prayer directions and strategies. We provide daily prayer directions and strategies for gatekeepers to lift up to the lord at their gates.

Exceptionally the holy spirit has us take extraordinary missions where he gives us specific instructions to deal with stubborn situations in the nations. The “this kind spirit” is addressed according to the holy spirit lead and revelation . Thus we have had 21 days 24 hrs prayer chains, 7 days 24hrs prayer chains, fasting and prayers associated to days of 24hrs prayer chains; special convocation of chosen commandos in the spirit chosen by the holy spirit according to their divers grace for specifics missions.

At the same time the holy spirit is taking every woman in this mission into a journey of the deep call unto deep. We know him more intimately daily. He sharpens us through spirit training inspired and lead by him.

We can name

– our 21 days 2 hours of tongue storming challenge to set your spiritual life on permanent revival mode;

– our four chapters at least a day bible reading and meditation;

– our kingdom pattern covenant sisters relationship based on the standard of kingdom love and righteous living.

The lord is unfolding all the faces of this mission as days go on.

So far the rebuilding watching prayer warriors for nations are effective in Nigeria, Cameroon, Liberia and USA.  We have had a mission for Liberia which was a temporal mission and we have birthed the rebuilding gatekeepers for Liberia . We are looking forward to birthing the rebuilding gatekeepers in all other nations of the world.

Daily watching at the gates of nations in prayers is our culture here. We shall eat the fruits of our lands!!!

Gifts are sharpened in our midst, lives get aligned and synchronized to divine purpose and destinies.

The supernatural is revealed and understood. We enter into the intimate chambers of the lord and are revealed mysteries. We live in permanent and intentional revival. The spirit of the daughter of Zion is upon us!!!!!

God is birthing a new era on the earth and only the birthing vessel can usher it!!! Daughter of Zion all over the nations the lord needs you!!!!!